Asterias 1a


2 Books

The written exercises are supplementary material to the textbook. They address students who want to develop both writing and speaking skills at the same time, as, in the textbooks Asterias 1a and Asterias 1b, it is the speaking skill that is mainly addressed.

The writing exercises include the following types:

  1. reinforcement of grammatical and syntactical phenomena
  2. reading & writing
  3. reinforcement of the new words & expressions
  4. reading comprehension
  5. writing skills, etc.

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2 Books
The textbook Asterias 1a consists of 2 books reading and exercises.
As from the first chapters, the method uses the imaginative, humoristic and colourful drawings, the songs, and the short texts, in order to teach the new vocabulary and expressions, the grammar, the syntax, the pronunciation and the rhythm of the language – in a systematic and organised way.

Βy  the end of Asterias 1a the students will be able to use a basic vocabulary related to their identity, residence, origin, family, house, classroom objects, and food they eat for breakfast. The students will also be able to describe themselves or others (colour of eyes, hair etc.). In addition, they will be able to describe – in simple phrases – their country of origin and answer questions related to the language(s) they speak. They will be able to use numbers 1-10. The grammar (simple verbs in present tense – indicative –past imperative, the three genders of the articles, basic adjectives, personal pronouns etc.) is related to the communicative goals of Asterias 1a. In textbook Asterias 1a the focus is mainly on the speaking skill. At the end of the book, there is a complete vocabulary of Asterias 1a classified per chapter.