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The communicative goals are expanded with texts and songs, the students at the end of this level will be speaking about transportation with various means of transport by using with ease verbs of movement, school subjects, hobbies, and favorite extracurricular activities.
They will be able to describe their house, and a number of professions, they will be able to invite their friends to parties orally and in writing, and describe what happened. In addition, they will be able to use the past continuous in order to describe their vacations, as well as the time and place expressions.
They will be able to talk about the food they like and use numbers up to 10,000. Finally, they will be able to give directions and to describe where they live.
Emphasis is also put on pronunciation and accentuation with exercises. Grammar is completed first through communication and then through organized tables. Cultural topics relate to ethics and customs, mythology, history, the Greek school structure, but also Greek folk music via the songs of Asterias 2. Children are familiarized with the aesthetics of the Greek language via literary texts.
The written exercises are supplementary material of the Textbook.

The writing exercises include the following types:

  1. reinforcement of grammatical and syntactical phenomena
  2. reading & writing
  3. reinforcement of the new words & expressions
  4. reading comprehension
  5. writing skills.