Asterias 3


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Asterias 3 plus the Exercises 3

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2 Books

Asterias 3 is divided in three large thematic units: the first unit is related to the topics of Everyday life, such as activities in the house, at school, in the city (market and shops) and with reference to past continuous and description of life in the past.
The second unit is related to the thematic unit of Leisure time, with topics such as holidays, dinner at restaurants, performances (shadow theater, cinema), social gatherings (weddings, baptisms) et al.
The third unit refers to the topic of Health, visit to the doctor and dentist, knowing one’s body, and expression of feelings such as joy, fear, doubt etc.
The material is completed with topics of ethics and customs such as Easter, May day, national holidays, as well as literary texts.
Workbook 3 refers to the material of Textbook 3, and at the same time includes rules, explanations, and exercises for the reinforcement of grammatical and syntactical phenomena of the basic Grammar that is accomplished in level 3.
The approach of the Grammar aims at intriguing students’ attention, who is called to observe and investigate themselves the grammatical phenomenon, to place it in the Concise Grammar (at the end of the book) and to assimilate this knowledge with a variety of exercises.