The Letterheroes


Series of books for learning Greek as a foreign language for children
LEVEL: Early beginners
Textbook + Exercises
108 colourful pages

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The Letterheroes – Textbook with the related material accompanying it aim at bringing children of pre-schooling age (4-5 years old) in contact with the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet and the letters combinations (e.g. αι, οι…, μπ, ντ…)

In this way, the children become familiar with the letter codes, learn to recognize the names of the Letterheroes in a holistic manner and become prepared for Reading and Writing, skills that are acquired through the textbook Mikros Asterias – Reading and Writing for children 5 – 7 years old.

The book is a part of the series “Mikros Asterias”. It can be used together with the related material at the kindergarten, children’s stations but also at home, by parents wishing to help their children with mastering the skills of reading and writing.

This material is directed towards both Greek and foreign native language children of pre-schooling age from 4 to 5 years old.